How to treble your Internet speed ..for free

You may remember my post slagging off BT about their piss poor performance regarding Internet speeds and slow remediation techniques. In the end, the problem was down to some old copper wire stretching from the telephone pole to the master socket in the property. It was patched up (twice) and everything was fine for about 5 minutes. Over the course of the last couple months the net began slowing down from 400-500KB/sec, to 250KB/sec, to 140KB/sec.

I started looking into alternatives such as satellite, and then came crashing back down to earth when I researched the upfront cost for the gear, the limited data allowance (even on ‘unlimited’ plans), the latency between you and the rest of the world, and the relatively lame connection speed. Determined to get my Internet back to the glory days of 450KB/sec, I ventured outside to check the integrity of the cable from the telephone pole to the master socket. I came across this:

This part of the cable had obivously been subject to some trauma, the jacket had split and it had been squashed. I decided that squeezing it might make my Internet faster, so I did. I laughed it off and rebooted my router to see what would happen. Upopn conducting a speed test, I noticed my Internet speed was now three times faster than 5 minutes ago. I laughed again, and got some PVC tape on that shit. Now I just need to get around to calling BT to fix it properly.. maybe later.


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