Disclaimer: I knew BT would be very bad at rolling out my broadband, but I didn’t think they would be this bad..

I enquired to BT about broadband towards the end of August, they finally installed a line on the 17th September – the Internet worked, and it meant I could practically live under a rock outside of work if I so wanted. Two days in my line speed dived from 500+KB/sec, to <30KB/sec (it actually died first, but then sort of came back). My upload speed was (is) something like 60KB/sec, meaning that my upload rate was (is) twice my download rate. Over the course of coming up a month, I have called BT three times to highlight the issue, and every single time BT said it would be sorted in 48 hours.

Enough was enough, I called them again today and requested that my ‘service’ be cancelled. In no less than 3 rings I was speaking to an ENGLISH woman who was keenly interested to know why I wanted to quit (there’s a hint if you want quick service from BT). This is in contrast to requesting the helpdesk, which can take 20+ minutes, and you’re guaranteed to be talking to an Indian after the wait. Nevertheless, the woman I spoke to checked my line and transferred me to the broadband helpdesk department..

After an hour on the phone they decided that there might be a problem, and decided to book an appointment to get an engineer over to fix the piss poor attempt the last contractor must have done. Fuck BT..

If anyone can provide insight into the potential problem, here’s a list of the symptoms:

  • 270kbit/sec down, 700+kbit/sec up
  • No dial tone on the phones
  • Spliced line
  • 6 poles to the Distribution Point
  • Another phone line in the same property has 3000+kbit/sec down, 1000+kbit/sec up

I’m not saying BT are always this bad, but I’ve never had a hitch-free setup with them. This is in contrast to Virgin Media, who, when I lived in Leicester, had me setup on a 100mbit line in less than a week. Virgin Media, you guys rock (compared to BT (and if you forgive the £££120+ cancellation fee, fuckers)).


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