Silly Government

With the blocking of Newzbin2 on BT imminent, the pirates of the website have cooked up a piece of software which will let you bypass the block. Though unpolished, this software shouldn’t have a problem bypassing BT’s Cleanfeed, a rudimentary blocking service, targeting child pornography, and, more recently, websites which appear to infringe copyright (where the fuck is the copyrighted material on that site?). But I digress, the Government is fighting a losing battle – and they will lose. The only way to prevent determined individuals from obtaining ‘copyrighted material’ in the United Kingdom is by blocking access to the Internet altogether – something I don’t see happening ever. Meanwhile, the Government will sink millions into the act of trying to block access to websites which apparently contain copyrighted material, only to learn that they will have to adapt to the era of the pirates, not the other way round.

I wish the nob ends politicians the best of luck trying to undermine net neutrality and our freedom of speech, you’ll fuck it up big time boys.

On a completely unrelated note, where’s a good country to emigrate too?

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