Going Cold Turkey

I’m checking in to say goodbye.. for a week. This will be the longest time I’ve gone without a computer since I last went on holiday. It’s probably for the best considering I use a computer ~85 hours a week since starting my new job. I’m worried that, not being online for a week, I’ll come back to sites such as Reddit and not get the latest ‘fad’. I know it’s only a week, but I still fear stagnating.

I’m going on holiday with some friends to Wales and Alton Towers over the next week – I’m actually at a friends house right now, writing this post from the safety of a Live Fedora 15 USB stick, which I’ve hooked up to my friends Windows box and am using the 3G connection to access the Internet. Here is a screenshot:


Why would I do this? Because I don’t trust Windows that’s why (and I had spent ages trying, and failing, to do it). It’s actually working out alright – as long as I don’t disconnect the USB stick, network lead, 3G connection, and both power leads from the laptops, I’ll be able to publish this post :D

I’ve set up some Garrysmod servers which you can join by going here – I’m running gm_construct and gm_flatgrass (the two default maps). I did start setting up a SpaceBuild server, but decided (after a couple hours of pulling hair out) that I didn’t know enough about SpaceBuild to get a server going; so for now you’re stuck with the two default maps. They both have Wiremod, and SVN updates every night, so you haven’t got an excuse not to check them out (unless of course you don’t have Garrysmod (loser)). I’ve had some interesting things happen on the servers since creating them, including being votekicked (yeah, I was an admin too), so there are a few chinks to sort out, but nothing major.

Something else I was thinking about as I was traveling down in the train to the South East was the way in which many people think. I am making an assumption, but I think I am right in saying that when you do think, you think with an inner monologue.

“That girl is fat as fuck, she must have to iron her clothes on the driveway or something” or

“Shut the fuck up, I’m tired of hearing a one way conversation on a train”.

This got me thinking about the deficiencies in spoken language. You really can’t encapsulate what you think or feel about something into a finite number of words and have them conveyed in such a way that the recipient fully comprehends your point of view. And so I started wondering what could be used instead of language to ‘think’. And then I remembered that a picture is worth a thousands words..

Give it a try, you’ll be surprised at how much faster you think when you stop talking to yourself and start just firing through images in your mind. I can go from laptop, to monitor, to that TV I wanted to buy for my room, to my current relationship, to private things ;) in less than a second. But if I’m narrating this journey in my mind, it’s much slower. The hardest part about doing this is making your mind shut up and just process images instead of language. Maybe I’ll dedicate a post to this at some point with some research, because I think it’s potentially a very interesting subject, and I can’t be the only one who believes this. The only trouble I’m having with images is processing emotion – perhaps that’s not such a bad thing though ;) ..

Although strictly I’m not not using a computer during the week (I have my DS!), I won’t be going online. That counts in my book :)


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