Goodbye Spotify – hello Grooveshark

A lot of ‘s’ applications are dropping out of my vocabulary this year, with Spotify being the lastest victim. Let’s be frank Spotify, you’re old news. I remember when you were the new, cool kid on the block. You offered a good range of music, with a fairly non-intrusive advertising scheme (which I noticed, but ignored). Now you’ve gone all Nazi on us and enforced some very limiting restrictions – Spotify, our relationship is over.

Grooveshark has no audio advertisements. Period. Their collection of music is also (arguably) more extensive, and you can upload your own. I am aware that you can get a premium account in Grooveshark, but I’m not 100% sure what all the benefits are because Grooveshark doesn’t force this information down your throat. They are a forward thinking company in the sense that they understand and cater for us user’s requirements (one of which, for me, is no interruptions whatsoever). Their UI isn’t perfect (they’re still using Flash in places), but they’re making steps towards HTML5, which sits very happily with me.

Here is a screenshot of Grooveshark for the semi-curious:


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