New theme

You may have noticed my new theme – if not, you must be an idiot new. I like it because it reduces the colour palette further (I count 3 – 4 colours now), has a completely black background (my previous theme wasn’t completely black (I don’t think, I can’t remember)), and now there is only one column. I’m divided over this; on the one hand, posts are squeezed vertically which means less scrolling, and now I can have wider images should I choose. On the other hand, the links column is gone, which in all fairness, wasn’t used that extensively anyway by readers. I like the top right bar displaying the pages, though I’m thinking of getting rid of some of them. All in all, I think this theme will stay, if not for the white text on black background, then for its simplicity. Oh, and links are easier to see now.

Woke up at 0530 today – hurt much, had to go swimming training. Exercise hurts when you do it, but if you do it right, you feel good afterwards. I like the fact that even though I haven’t been swimming seriously since I was 12, I’ve managed to get into the top group in just under a couple months. I’ve managed to pick up all the strokes up again, and now I’m working on stamina. I think if anyone starts to learn how to swim later than mid 10s (I started at 3 months), they wouldn’t be as good as if they had started when they were younger. The earlier you start something, the better you’ll be at it. One thing that really pisses me off about fat people who want to lose weight is when they try everything BUT exercise to do it. Diets, surgery, hell, even aerobics is bullshit. If you’re not breaking a sweat, you’re not gonna melt the pounds – no gain without pain.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Canada have introduced bandwidth caps. The knee-jerk assumption for this is to conserve bandwidth, preventing hoggers from hogging the line. I don’t think this is the main reason the Canadian government have imposed this. I think (and so do a lot of people over at reddit) these impositions have been introduced, at least partially, to help sustain the film and music industries. Record labels are cunts when it comes to profits made from material such as music and film. The talent sees a lot less than half of the money earned from their material, and for what? Publicity? As I’ve mentioned before, Justin Bieber didn’t need a record label to get popular, why should any other band with talent? These industries lobbied for bandwidth caps to make pirating a less financially viable option, and in the process, have stifled innovation and creativity – activities they should advocate, not strangle.

These bandwidth caps have been introduced to uphold the legacy business model that is the music and film industry. In a world free from record labels, real talent can emerge. The sooner they die, the better off music and film will be.

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