The Interblag is in trouble, we’re running out of IPv4 addresses and, right now, only ~1% of Interblag traffic is wrapped in IPv6 packets. When the last IPv4 addresses are scraped from the barrel, any newcomers to the web will *have* to be assigned an IPv6 address – and here’s the kicker, their hardware and software *must* be compatible IPv6. So, what is an IP address? (oh shit did I just hack your router dude?) may look familiar to you, but if it does, you probably know what an IP is anyway, so lets assume you’re stupid (I’m totally sure you’re not). When you join the Interblag, your ISP leases an IP (Internet Protocol) address to your router (that box sitting in your house that the BT man installed and probably charged you £894739508 for), lets say for argument sake that this IP address is (as my friend points out, this is actually a Google DNS address, but let’s pretend it’s yours). Now, whenever you connect to the only site on the Internet, Facebook, it knows where to send shit you request – to In essence, an IP address is a way of referring to your computer – it is a necessity, you cannot join the Internet without one.

There are 4 294 967 296 unique IPv4 addresses (4.2 billion’ish). There are 340 282 366 920 938 463 463 374 607 431 768 211 456 (a lot) IPv6 addresses. Every strand of ever hair rooted into every person’s very thick skull on the entire planet could quite easily chug along with 10 billion IPv6 addresses (probably) and their would still be some left over for other shit like your phone (probably). Now, lets have a look at an IPv4 and IPv6 address and see if we can tell the difference:


For this week’s homework, tell me which is the IPv4 address and which is the IPv6 address.

If businesses are being so fucking slow on the uptake to IPv6, what fucking hope do we have when the oil begins to run out? Jesus Christ.


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