Hay Oxford Court, you pissed off the wrong guy..

I was sent this notice today accusing me of anti-social behaviour. This unfounded slander states that I play music at anti-social hours – well I can tell you this much, the room next to me does. I would go and complain about this letter right about now, but I can’t because the student office is only open 2 – 4pm. How dare I be sent a letter, potentially threatening my University education, based on evidence forwarded by students who can’t tell left for right, room for room. I will go down to the office and 2pm and request an apology from this Greg Walker, or I shall be writing to him warning that I don’t tolerate slanderous remarks from negligent managers. The fact that these students can’t confront the guy responsible for the music playing at ‘anti-social’ hours (I’m not as fussed) just tops the cake for me on this one.

To dumb students and Oxford court, this is ‘Aiden’ checking out:

One response

  1. jake

    so wat happen in the end

    14 November, 2010 at 3:27 pm

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