The restrictiveness of blogging

I’ve got so much shit I could put to this blog right now – but I’m not going too. The great thing about the Internet is that it is open to whoever is connected to it (more or less). When I blog stuff, it can be read by anyone connected to the Internet (more or less). Sometimes this is great, other times it’s a pain in the ass. I want to blog about stuff that is personal, henceforth, only to a select audience. Unfortunately, I don’t easily have that privilege. Of course I could block some IP addresses, only allow subscribed users to read my blog, or impose some other rudimentary block, but that would contradict what I stand for: open source.

So I have two choices; open up the floor and pour my life onto the page, or retain some privacy. I’m a strong advocate of privacy, so that’s not a great start. What I wish I had done was not told my friends and family about this blog, kept a disassociation from this blog and my name, then I could pour away. Maybe I’ll do that. I’ll create a blog and not tell anyone about it. I won’t mention my name in it or any other easily identifiable information. The only problem with this plan is generating traffic. Half the reason I keep this blog going is because I know I have a steady stream of readers from my YouTube videos. Getting readers to read this new blog would require decent content, and I’m not that great at blogging. Then again, at the cost of disassociation, I earn something; I earn the ability to blog about intimately personal things. How I feel about other people, how good a fuck that girl was, or how I feel about myself – truly feel. Yes, I will do it. I will do it and never mention it again :) Thanks for working this out with me blog. I appreciate it.

..Oh go on then, here’s the link.


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