sshfs: Holy shit

Just discovered a little gem called sshfs. A picture speaks a thousand words so lets illustrate the sheer awesomeness of this command and its possibilities. WARNING: Seriously. Fucking. Cool.

Without giving too much away, /home/user/remote is actually a mount point ..of a remote system directory. Those files and directories you see are *not* on my local machine. This behaviour roughly translates to cloud computing; remote storage accessible from anywhere in the world with Internets. Another plus? It’s all encrypted. When I create files and directories on the local computer under this mount, the changes are reflected on the remote server.

A major possible plus with this (other than the obvious) could be remote gaming. Unlike OnLive where you control an audio-video stream, the only thing that would be remote are the game files. This would allow me to play games from any computer with a decent Internet connection, without having to install anything. The only problem I see with this would be Registry entries, I’d have to look into that.

I may also be able to do remote OS booting. I’d probably have to have a small underlying OS with sshfs to do it, but it could potentially mean mounting an OS over the Internet from any computer in the world. And that’s another reason I use Linux.


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