Topless women

The ongoing debate about women parading in public topless finally prompted me to post about it. Some women think that, because men can walk around in public topless, women should be able to as well – something to do with equal rights. I’m not an anti-feminist or chauvinist, but I am against this idea – not on a principle of equal rights, but on a practical and safety one.

Let’s pretend that it is legal for women to walk about in public topless, regardless of location. Shopping centres, restaurants, pavements and anywhere else you can think of topless men prancing around in shorts would all be on-limits for women too. To demonstrate the possible health hazard here, let me depict an attractive 20-something woman walking down the pavement, along a public road:

In case you were wondering, that spaghetti mesh is a multi-car collision. Us poor men can only do one thing at once, and if there are attractive (or for that matter, unattractive) topless women on the side of road, cars are gonna start swerving. I’m not saying the legalisation of female toplessness would result in pile-ups on a magnitude similar to that of the government deciding to change which side of the road people drive on over night, but it would be close.

Legalising female toplessness would also require a redefinition of an already fairly blurry set of bounds outlining appropriateness. If 14 year old boys can wander about topless in public, should girls of the same age be granted the same right? Even if a law was passed which allowed topless women to wander about in public, surely a cut-off age would have to be established? And if this was the case, wouldn’t it negate the drive for equal rights?

I can see logic and reason behind pushing for the right to vote, but I fail to see any real benefits in women parading about it public places topless. They’d get an oogling set of on-lookers, and cause many car accidents, that’s about it.


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