The fuck with this..

You know what Apple have done don’t you – they’ve taken a UNIX derived Operating System and slammed a price tag on it. I hate Apple, and I hate Apple fanboys. There’s so much wrong with Apple I don’t even..

The Apple user

The typical Apple user is a 21 year old white male with ‘a tarnish’ of creative talent, stylish clothes, and good looks (oh yeah, and he’s a fucking retard). These elitist shitpiles, in their infinite wisdom, could somehow justify a £929 buy for a Mac Mini (Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.66GHz, 4GB RAM, 1TB hard drive, shit graphics) which, based on the hardware specs, should have cost no more than £778. Oh wait, that price was for an Intel Core 2 Quad processor at 3GHz, 4GB RAM, a 1G ATI card (not shit graphics), and a 2TB hard drive. No, the price for a machine of similar spec would cost about £420, fucking cunts.

Anyway, these Apple fags congregate in Starbucks, writing their novels and resting their iPads on their iMacs. The iFag takes solace in their uniqueness, and the freedom of the Mac OSX they wield to take on the world.

That fucking OS

What pisses me off more than actually having to pay for it is the exhaustible list of shitheap applications that come with it:

    • Clock
  • I mean shit, I could totally justify paying £929 for a clock.

    That fucking iPad

    The ingenuity and uniqueness of the Apple designer really shines in this one. I bet they were all playing in their toy dens full of iPhones, iPod Touches and whatever other iFucking product they came up with and one of them, one of the bright dots (bless ’em), somehow managed to figure out the gaffer tape, took four iPhones, taped that shit together, and whola. Maybe next year they’ll take four iPad’s, stick them together, an’….. fucking iBoard. Maybe the year after that the..

    The iPhone which does everything… but calls… unless you hold it right… even then..

    I always pondered at the idea that one day, a mobile phone will be better at doing other shit than making calls. Then I thought, “Na, a company wouldn’t be so retaroo… ooh, Aaapppeelll”.

    When reports started coming in about reception blackouts occurring in conjunction with “holding the phone in a certain way”, Steve Jobs proposed a proper good fix. “Hold it fucking different then, fs”. I’m sorry but, if a product cannot fulfil is primary task as, in this case, a mobile phone, I would fucking TAKE THAT BUTT SWEAT BACK TO THE FUCKING SHOP AND RAM IT UP AN APPLE REPRESENTATIVE’S ASS HOLE – yeah, then they wouldn’t be able talk. A friend of mine has the iPhone and will be paying about £1000 over the… FUCKING BACK UP. £1000?? Jesus Christ I could buy a fucking house with that.

    So in conclusion, Apple are shit.

    EDIT: Let’s have a vote


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