Facebook circling the drain

About two years ago I moved to open source – starting with the operating system, I vowed never to reinstate Windows as my computer’s primary orchestra. Why pay for a an inferior OS when free and better alternatives exist? Forward two years, not much has changed; I’m rocking 10.04 and using OpenOffice, my commitment has held. I’m not against proprietary software, I love Google Chrome. That thing with Ubuntu having window buttons on the left has been justified (finally) and, subsequently, blown over. However, something is undermining me as an advocacy of privacy, free-speech and openness; that something is Facebook.

Facebook has systematically and progressively stripped us of our privacy. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, claims that the age of privacy is over.

Facebook is suffering from big company syndrome – high on the success of Facebook, Mark assumes he can redefine privacy on a platform used by over 350 million people, without taking into account those who use the platform. His excuse being that because more and more people are getting online, they’re willing to sacrifice their information, their privacy.

I couldn’t find the ‘Delete my Account’ button on Facebook, it’s buried deep and apparently there’s a big difference between deactivating your account, and deleting it. If, like me, you’re just waiting now for an open source, privacy-respecting alternative to Facebook, such as diaspora, to emerge, bookmark this page and get ready to jump ship to a better, privacy-respecting, social network.

UPDATE: Facebook has 5830 words in it’s privacy policy, 1287 more words than the privacy policy in The Fucking United States Constitution

UPDATE 2: “Zuch: Dumb Fucks” – Let us all hope this is fabricated.

UPDATE 3: I’ve deleted my account.


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