Lib Dems: 1 – Labtive: 0

So the Liberal Democrats came out on top in ITV’s opinion poll. I think one of the reasons being was because he could point the finger at both parties and tar them with the same brush, making him stand out. He also talked in realistic terms, with the emphasis on cutting costs. He didn’t make promises left, right, and centre, he tried to work within the capability of the money he would be able to spend if he were in government. That’s what I felt anyway.

Cameron had much to live up to. I think people were expecting him to shine, perhaps putting pressure on him or too higher hopes. He poked a lot at the Labour Party and how they’ve done over the last 13 years. I felt in the beginning of the debate, Cameron was running with Labour policy, and adding little things on to make it sound more appealing. I agreed with some of his policies, like that of more discipline in schools and perhaps tighter immigration laws.

Brown was defending his government’s 13 year history with good standing. Cameron failed to make Gordon land flat on his face, and I admire him for that. He proposed to cut the House of Lords by 50% or something, which Cameron quickly latched onto saying that he had had 13 years to do this – a valid point by any means.

The problem with Labtive is that they have been running the Government for too long. We need a fresh party, and the Lib Dems know this. Being the geek I am I have classed each campaigner under the three operating systems. Gordon Brown represents Windows because he’s the PM and his party has (had?) majority vote. His party doesn’t work so good but they’re mainstream nonetheless. David Cameron (no, guy on the left) is Mac OSX, he has the right ideas but you have to pay for them, and he likes stabbing the big guy. Nick Clegg represents Linux; lean, mean, fast, and fresh. He wants to get the most out of the political system for less cash. Nick Clegg talks about cuts and saving money, and in today’s financial times, he’s on the right track.

With the 4000 opinion poll run by ITV placing Nick Clegg 20% ahead of the next guy, perhaps this election will be a three dog race after all.


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  1. After seeing the debate I suspect there will be a new respect for the libdems from Cameron and Brown instead of looking at them as if they are children, the fact that in the house of commons one of the libdems stands up and the lack of respect from both major parties is disgusting, they are all there because we put them there which means that they are laughing and scoffing at us the voters, as if they are saying well the old boys network will always remain. If this country votes cameron and the conservatives in for you that do not remember the last conservative gorvernment and what they did to this country, you here cameron talk about broken britain, it was margaret thatcher and her caring conservatives that broke britain, the schools were falling down, the NHS was on its knees, you vote them in and unless you have money be ready to be thrown on the scrap heap, you have problems, tough, you wont get help.

    The choice is between labour and the lib dems, there are more negatives than pisitives for labour but thwey are still better than the conservatives.

    16 April, 2010 at 3:14 pm

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