Which browser do you use?

Quick poll, which browser do you use most often? I use Google Chrome exclusively thanks to it’s policies and deliverance.

While Google may have their browser heading in the right direction, I don’t entirely agree with what they’ve done to YouTube, specifically the rating system. What the hell is the point in a rating system that you can only see after you rate the video? And why when you ‘Like’ a video does it add it to your favourites? Not that I’m much of a rater myself, I fail to see the logic behind this. Just because you like a video, doesn’t mean it deserves a spot in your exclusive ‘Favourites’ collection. Happy raters will have to shift through dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of ‘Favourites’ before they can get to what they want, negating the value that is, a ‘Favourite’.

Sort it out Google.


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