101 WPM

That’s my new record on the dvorak keyboard. Still not as fast as ~115 on QWERTY, but close enough. Something I’d never admit in real life is that, as far as speed tests go, dvorak for me is slower. Whether this applies to typing over long periods or under other circumstances has yet to be proven. Perhaps I haven’t used dvorak as long, I didn’t take typing lessons in it like I did with QWERTY. One thing that is for sure, dvorak is much more comfortable for me.

I’m back at home for Easter break. It’s good to be home with family, friends, and my love. I’m back again in a couple of months for the summer break which is a whooping 5 months, I’ll be getting a job then. I’m looking into temp work in London to give me a taste of what could be to come when I leave University, I hope I like it.

Purple Peril is fine, someone yanked her body work yesterday, taking it clean off. I would get pictures, but you’d only laugh. Truth be told, my car isn’t even that colour (the camera can’t take purple?)


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