Short story #1

If I could be bothered to write a book I would.

Here’s a short story partially based on real life:

I first started using the Internet when I was 12 years old. When I say using, I mean using properly (I was searching porn on my dad’s dial-up line when I was 10). One of the very first things any man/teen/boy does when he’s introduced to a new medium is to check its porn stash, and the Internet (even pre-millennia) had a good stash.

One evening I came across a website that lets you email yourself in the future. It would hold an email you had written (usually to yourself) for a defined period, by which time you would probably have forgotten about it, and would send it to you after this time.

I remember writing something very typical of a boy my age, something to do with ‘getting laid’. I’ve yet to receive this email from my naive, younger self, but it got me thinking – what if you could email yourself from the future to the present? A piper’s dream, I thought, bowing down in front of the computer screen to rest my heavy head.

As I pushed my forehead against the desk, contemplating sleep, my computer read something. Something not unusual, but coincidental in light of my thoughts. I peered up at the screen, eyes quenched, my inbox staring back at me.

You have one new message…


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