I probably wrote this 3 years ago

Are blogs still a done thing in 2013? I prop my hat to the packets that made the long journey to the WordPress servers from my Chrome browser, it would have been a long journey. I thought the Internet partially owed its success to being a fast medium, but I know for a fact that continents will be moving faster than the packets carrying this post because my ping is well, take a look at this, courtesy of Speedtest.net.

Fuck you University students, and fuck you BT reseller for taking a dial up line and sharing between the 20000 students at DMU, charging £25 a month for it (even though we haven’t been charged for 2-3 months). And I’m considering staying another year. Seriously, I might as well mail this post and see what gets to WordPress faster – it’ll be damn close.

Now excuse me while I kick the administrator’s ass.


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