100KB/s cap SUCKS

So I’m in halls with no TV and an embarrassingly slow Internet connection. I mean come on, what’s with 100KB/s, I could transmit faster than that. For £24.99pm I get 25GB bandwidth and 100KB/s cap. Beginning to wonder why I bothered with 25GB, you couldn’t download that much rocking shit 24/7 at 100KB/s. It’s shocking. I’m pretty sure its capped because 100KB/s is a fairly round number. It’s also not my only technical worry…

At 96C my laptop says goodnight. Since this happened the first time (given it was rested on a soft surface) I installed the sensors-applet available under Linux which warns me when laptop gets to 92C. It’s done this a couple times and sits at 82C average. That was until I took my copy of Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing and applied to the back of my laptop, providing a buffer between the laptop and the table. The difference? 10C. It sits at 72C now with a comfortable slant on the keyboard, which I’m happy about. But the problem here is/was, I shouldn’t have had to do that in the first place. Stupid design.

Purchased a TB external HDD today. I like it very much but did the rather stupid thing of plugging it in whilst holding it, then whilst the disc was reading, moving it around to settle it on the floor. Fuck I said when I read the instructions. It also said not to pull the plug when it was rw, but I think I did anyway! It’s all good I think, the first thing I did to it was replace the NTFS with the ext3 file system. There, much better.

I also bought a TV aerial for indoor use which turned out to be shit. I’ll return it as faulty tomorrow and get my money back. I worked out that if I go for Usenet for $11pm (£7), I’m actually saving money. I won’t need a TV license and for $11 I get unlimited downloads and bandwidth, as well as SSL (apparently, haven’t got this working yet). If this sounds sexy to you, check out Astraweb. Of course the only problem with this is the awesomeness of 100KB/s, I know I keep repeating this, but I want some fucking sympathy for this monstrosity.


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