I’m here! …sort of

I’ve settled into a hotel not too far away from campus until the 6th October. It costs £150 a week to live in the flat I’m going to, but the University is going to subsidise this so I’ll only be paying £100 pw. I’ve heard it’s a nice place I’m going to, but it’s 2-3 miles away from campus, I’m going to get my bike at some point.

Checked out the night life last night for the first time, I now consider myself a ‘proper’ fresher. The SU (Students Union) is awesome, they have a bar, a dance floor, very loud music and places to sit. ‘Fashion’ didn’t start ’til 10pm, we left at 2 – 2:30, I think. I normally don’t dance to the likes of Dizzee Rascal and 50 cent, but I guess we can make exceptions on fresher’s week.

Had in introductory session to the course yesterday, we have our first exam in 4 weeks to assess how we’re doing so far. It’ll be make or break for some students. They say for every hour we do in class, we should dedicate two hours outside of class. This means I’ll be studying 40 hours a week, or, 8 hours a day if I don’t do weekends. I’m only in ‘classes’ (lectures, tutorials, practicals, or discussions) for 2-3 hours a day, which is less than I thought. I think I’ll be hanging out in the library a lot after classes :) When I get my timetable I’m going to assign my private study so I know what to do and when. I want to do well in this course so I’m going to make sure I stick to my timetable.

Today we’re going to be touring around the University and talking about health and safety and student support services bla bla bla. Not very interesting, which I’m slightly relieved about seeing as I only fetched 6 hours sleep last night.

My room mate is cool; his name is Mike, he’s Polish, and he speaks fluent English. He’s like 7 foot tall which should come as no surprise as I always seem to wind up befriending the tallest buggers wherever I go… I’m not complaining :)

When I get my timetable I’m going to arrange my visits back down to the South East. I’m sticking to my guns with the girlfriend situation (hi Luc ;), it was our second month anniversary yesterday, which I didn’t forget! :P

And so, all in all, I can confidently say that Uni is going well for me so far. I’ve made friends, done the club scene, got a whiff of what’s to come academically, and had fun! I do miss home and the people down there, but I think Uni is something everyone should do and I’m glad, so far, that I have :)


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