Going to uni in a relationship

Well this is going to be shits and giggles, my girlfriend and I decided that we would ride out my time in uni and stay together. My dick is literally shouting at me as I type this but, he knows who’s boss. This girl is important to me so, as long as we’re together, I’m going through it sex-free :)

I don’t think much about long distance relationships, but that’s probably because I’ve never done it with a girl I’ve really liked, we’ll see what happens. *Pssst, my girl reads this blog so I’m not being too derogatory or negative ;) hiho hips* I know a mate who has a brother who did it so why can’t I?

I leave for Uni on the 26th/27th depending on who takes me, my dad or my mum. Then I come back for the Christmas holidays and get to see my car again :) This is one thing I’m really going to miss at Uni, as well as other less important things such as, my family, gf, friends etc, my car, dayum :P It’ll be fun hopping back into it after not driving for 3 months… Anyway, back to surfing.

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