I’m going to University

I got my A-level results yesterday. I got a C in History and a D in Computing (16 marks short of a C). I also got a diploma in iPRO, a Cisco course. I would have been happier with 2 C’s, but I was surprised when the Uni (De Montfort) just up and offered me a place. This is probably the biggest thing that’s ever happened to me, I’m trying to be cool with it :)

I’ve been working out finances, and I’m going to be owing a lot of money to the banks that loan to me. Tuition fee alone is £3225 (just the course, per year) and that’s before maintenance and accommodation. I’ll roll out one year and see how it goes, I’ll love it I think.

Going to Uni is one step closer to independence. I won’t have a mum to cover my back or look after me :) or any immediate family I can just go visit. I’ll be leaving all my friends behind as well, so it’s a big change. I don’t like change. When I leave Uni I intend to plant myself somewhere and stay put, the prospect of going to Uni has made me realise this.

I’ve been weighing up the pro’s and cons of going to Uni and I think, in the long run, Uni is a good path to roll down. The course in right up my street (Computer Security) and the facilities are good. I met some people up there on a couple open days and we all got on well. Freshers week will be intense, and a lot of fun =D

I’ll also be leaving my car behind, which my sister will start using apparently. I’ll see to it personally that my audio system is long gone before she gets it, I foresee problems when I come down in the holidays and need a car :/

So there you have it, I’ll probably blog a hell of a lot less when I get up there. Obviously they have Internet connectivity so I won’t go dark. Maybe I’ll video blog instead, might be easier :)

So here it is, the beginning of the end of an era of carefree and easy-living, enrolment is 28th September.

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