Lots of shit

I haven’t updated this for a while because I can’t be fucked haven’t had time. Basically, its been a busy couple weeks for me. I did some stuff in Blender, started swimming again, joined the gym, setup Mythbuntu (still in progress), finished school, threw a couple parties and boosted my Wifi signal (using some tin foil).

Blender is the open source alternative to 3D Max available under Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and others, which lets you create, well, anything really. From movies to games, to pictures, to objects to use in games, yes it is safe to say, Blender kicks ass. Here are some things I’ve made in the program which which took between 1 and 3 hours, with my personal favourite being the glass because I think it looks the most realistic. I’m also working on a Dodge Charger, so when that comes out you guys will be the first to see :)

I started swimming again, as well as the gym. I go 3 times a week to both in hope of bulking up before going to University in September. Since I’ve finished school I’ve got a lot of time on my hands and thought, well, lets make the most out of it. I did two lengths without breathing yesterday, with the hopes of getting 3 down by September. Lets hope I don’t brown out during the attempt…

I started installing Mythbuntu yesterday. I actually didn’t want Mythbuntu, I downloaded Ubuntu Server, but when it asked me what ‘additional components’ I wanted to install, I selected MythTV backend server. I hear Mythbuntu exists as a separate OS due to legal ramifications in sticking the packages needed in Ubuntu, oh well. I haven’t actually got it working yet (I think MySQL is dicking around) so when I’ve finished writing this, I’ll get back to it.

I managed to boost my Wifi signal from 50-85% to 90-100% using some tin foil. Images say a lot more than words so I’ll just show you a picture of what I invested a whole 2 minutes in building to boost my Wifi signal. I haven’t patented this design so feel free to use it in your home network :)

Wifi antenna


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