Qemu is officially my 300th post

Wow, 3 years into the game I’m just touching on 300 posts. I guess it’s an achievement, I don’t know anyone else personally who have had a blog this long. Now that my blog is 3 years old and 300 posts down the line I feel its time to mention the awesomeness of Qemu. Let me give you a low down on my situation:

Ubuntu is the name, installing XP is the game. I’ve got Windoz installing in a program in Ubuntu, sick right? Now before you laugh at me for embracing Windoz again let me just say, I’m only doing it for ‘penetration testing’ of Windoz machines at wherever. services.msc doesn’t work under wine so virtualisation was my next option. Hay, at least I didn’t go down the dual boot road, no thankyou.

I’ll post screenies when its installed and running. My biggest concern is whether or not networking works, lets hope for the best…


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