The British Government is a cunt

As on Monday, all ISPs serving in Britain will be required to log information on emails, phone calls and text messages. This almost expected move really got my nerve. As I read this article further however, it did say that the content of these communications will be kept out of the database that will store this crap …for now. What the fuck do they think they’re doing?

When I read the article I started thinking about Mirror’s Edge. What do they think they’re going to achieve out of recording what time I sent an email to Jo Bloggs? Nothing, that’s what. As the article states, they’re just creeping in, setting up for a monitoring infrastructure which will record what you and I say to each other. And with the number of storage devices (USB drives, CDs and laptops) being stolen, I wouldn’t be surprised if this information got into the wrong hands anyway. Contradicting the Governments age old saying, “It is the Government’s priority to protect public safety and national security”. Still, at least we’re not as bad as fucking Iran.

One response

  1. anon

    Insane. It goes directly against the UN’s law on Human Rights.

    Snooping on the population is crazy but keeping a record of everything is absolutely nuts. Fuck the UK govt., fuck Phorm, and fuck BT.

    6 April, 2009 at 5:03 pm

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