I can’t be bothered to write anymore

The only reason I am is because I can’t be bothered to go upstairs to record some audio. This has actually been quite an eventful week for me. I hit two cars in two days, got a job, got wireless working (this is my first post written in the front room) and got a new radio for my car.

Both crashes happened in a car park (both cars were parked so it wasn’t as bad as it sounds). The first car I hit was when I reversing out of a spot and I steered too far right, clipping the car parked next to me. The second crash was in the same car park, I reversed straight into an Alfo Romeo. Luckily no damage was done to either car, which was miraculous because the sound when I hit the AR was horrific. I had friends in the back as well, which added to the embarrassment. I left my email address with the first car I hit after I knew I’d feel terrible driving away.

I got a job working in a pub so I can afford stuff again. I bought a new radio for my car with it which sounds great but I wanted bluetooth to play songs from my phone. Let’s just say it sounds fucking terrible, you can hear the 2bit per hour transfer rate, it plays awfully slow. Oh well, at least it has AUX. Sidenote: It’s worth £150, I got it for £50 :)

If I can be bothered, I’ll make an audio blog next time, stay tuned! Yay…


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