Guitar Hero II

Bought this the other day for £20. I prefer the wired controller because you don’t have to steal the batteries from the radio in the bathroom all the time (yeah, my friend did this). The sound track to begin with is a bit naff but it gets better as you progress. Killing in the Name of, Jessica (theme from Top Gear) and Sweet Child O’ Mine are personal highlights for me.

I’ve come up with a lazy solution to the chat program ‘problem’ I was having. Instead of doing the right thing and making it tcp, because, lets be frank, that requires effort, why not just encrypt the traffic instead? Yay, problem sorted, I’ll get working on it tomorrow. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before.

Some AS/A level results came through for me on Friday, basically they partially determine whether or not I go to uni. I was prepared for the worst and was pleasantly surprised. In Computing I got a C and a B, and in Psychology I got an E …great. I don’t care that much about Psychology because its not too important. At least their is a glimmer of hope for a place in University for me.

The English beat the French fashionably at Twickenham today. The consistence between us English folk kicking le olde French ass never ceases to amaze me. We weren’t even favorites in this match and our team has been going through a rough patch for the last 6 years but hay, tradition pulled us through, thanks lads.


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