Went swimming today

It’s been a while and it seems the less I post, the less visitors I get, oh well.

I’ve started to get back into swimming because people keep saying I need to ‘bulk out’ and put on a few pounds. I think this is total bullshit, but I like to swim, so I took it up. I used to swim for a swimming club so I’m a confident swimmer. I went a bit over the top when I got in the pool because I went straight off and did two lengths without breathing. This left me crippled for the rest of my session because I kept getting cramp in my toes. It’s good to push yourself sometimes.

I’ve been meaning to update chat, I have a dilemma with the whole broadcasting thing. I want to go tcp, but this only ‘guarantees’ delivery and prevents anyone from reading messages. When I’m at school I use the laptops and they don’t support broadcasting on, so I thought that if I made it tcp it would be fine. I then realised that in order for this to work the laptop has to broadcast to determine who’s listening on the network, so it’s back to square one.

I got my Xbox back, it took less than a week to get it sent, fixed, and sent back (bitches) which is great for Microshit, I mean, they got it back to me. The funny thing is, today I got a message saying that the box had been fixed and was ‘on its way’. I think it’s a new Xbox, but I can’t be certain.


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