I was almost trapped today

I was playing PKR today and I was dealt 2Q (if you don’t know poker, stop reading). Keeping the hand we went into play J8Q. I was not overly ecstatic, but I was confident I had the best hand at this point. I bet something like $30 (fake money) and I had one caller. So with at least $60 (I think it was more like $150) in the pot we waited for the turn. 9 comes up and I start to think about a straight. I wasn’t confident so I checked, the other guy bet $30. Uneasy, I called.

The river was a K, the other guy checked. I felt like betting $100 but judging by his long pause before his check I chickened out and checked. Good job I did, he had a straight with 9 10 and I lost. We talked about it and he said I did the right thing, I know I did. So that was poker.


I’ve been applying for a job forever and finally got one yesterday. The job is as a Marshall in paintballing and I’m looking forward to it. It’s only a trial day so I won’t get paid, but I think I’ll get the job.


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