Someone asked me to post this

Apparently people actually read my blog. I’m sorry if I can’t be bothered to update this blog, I just got a lot of shit going on right now :) My friend says “Hello World” and would like to know what’s going on, so, in a brief, bullet pointed summary, I shall spill all:

  • My main computer died
  • My Xbox red ringed
  • The Internet went dead for 5 days
  • I’ve started developing a chat program
  • I got Synergy
  • I joined Twitter

For the last year or so my rig had been playing up (I may have blogged this). Basically it had problems turning on. You’d have to sit there pressing the power button for anything between 2 minutes – 2 hours (worse case), which left me wondering. I decided to take matters into my own hands (I did email the guys I got the computer from, they asked for my ref number, I gave, they probably laughed and junked). I took the case off and the mobo out, gave it a good old dusting (apparently it might have been shorting), threw a new psu in (a 300W instead of the 650W), turned it on and *POOOOOF*, mobo starts smoking in my face and glowing orange.

I wasn’t too pleased about this, but, in removing the mobo I disconnected everything but ram and cpu so at least I haven’t totaled the entire machine.

They say every 5 in 4 Xboxs fuck up, so of course mine was no exception. No it wasn’t overheat it was a bad soldering job. Yeah I made MS aware of the absolute failures that they are and requested a fix. I’m not quite sure what to do now, wait for the empty box or actually read the email they sent me.

BT are cocks.

Half-term holidays started so I thought I’d do something constructive and develop a chat program that actually works. I’ve finally found a product that doesn’t use this .NET shit (VB 6), and, I’ve fallen head over heels for it. Public release will be ready by end of this week. On a techie note, this program won’t require a server, just download and chat (make sure you’re on the same broadcast domain as your friend though ;)

Right now I am looking at my laptop screen, but typing from my old Packard Bell. Yes, Synergy is awesome. I only need one keyboard and mouse, and I can control two separate machines. It makes the Wireshark log look butt fugly though.

I joined Twitter after seeing it for the 10 millionth time on Digg/Reddit, my update status says all.

Oh, you are still reading this, well done. I think this may be the longest post I’ve ever done, so I’m impressed. Now, fuck off for another 2 months.


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