Days 2, 3, 4 & 5

I know I said I’d document everyday of my awesome sponsored silence, but, tbh, there’s not much to say. Occasionally I feel like talking, I get this pressure in my chest, and it feels like its only cure is to shout ‘FUUUUCK!!!’ as loud as I can, but I can’t do that, not until Monday morning anyway. 8 people or so have said they would sponsor me, so it wasn’t a total waste. I’ve slipped up a couple of times, but nothing serious. I haven’t had any form of conversation since Monday, and it hurts.

I thought I would be isolated after a couple days of silence, but, if anything, I got more involved. It’s weird, when you can’t talk I guess you’re, a) less annoying, b) more interesting(?) and c) easier to be around. I can’t really have arguments and I don’t miss my own voice :)

Another thing I’ve found is that shutting you trap really opens your ears. You pick up details of conversations, the background. I think when I can start talking again, I won’t talk so much crap. You know when you hear something and you think, ‘Oh, this’ll be good to say now’ (it usually isn’t), holding back (not talking) has stopped me doing that.

My final test is seeing my dad and his wife (my step mum) tomorrow, that’ll be interesting as I suspect they won’t get the whole concept of being silent for a week the most… We’ll see.


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