‘Sponsored silence’

I’ve decided to give my voice box a rest and quit talking for a week. Starting midnight, I shall have my talking privileges revoked, substituted by pen and paper (note pad). How will it go? Well, I believe that if I can get through the first day I’ll be fine. Laughing and crying (I’ve decided) doesn’t break the silence, but talking certainly does.

As I near the closing time, I’m coming up with more and more reasons to do it. First off, my friend, Alex says I can’t (I’ll prove him wrong) and, I’d like to see if I can do it (self-discipline). I might also pick up some sponsors through the ordeal, and, I’d like to know what happens on a psychological/social level because, really, I have no idea. I think I’ll get bored, but at least I’ll be able to actively blog it :) This is great for my regulars, because I will be posting each day as it comes. If I fail (I’ll try not too), you’ll be one of the first to know ;)

So, the next 3 hours I need to use my voice as much as possible, I’m going to miss it…


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