This War Is Ours

I listened to Escape the Fates’ new album a while back, and, I must say, in all honesty, I was disappointed. I was looking for old school ETF, the old stuff they did. It wasn’t there, so, I couldn’t relate to it. Now, as I write this post, re-running it, I must say I’m impressed with it.

Fireworks coming tomorrow, unfortunately I won’t be drinking much (no moneys), but, what the hell, we can have fun without alcohol …right?

Handed CVs all over Sevenoaks the other day. I need money, to buy alcohol, so I need job. Mmmm. I seem to wander into all the restaurants and bars, they seem to be the only freakin’ jobs going atm. But whatever, its Sevenoaks, I’ll get good pay.


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