Car insurance

Wow, this is a bitch. I’m sick and tired of being tarred with the same brush when it comes to driving. To get insured on my own car as me being the named driver 3rd party fire and theft, it’ll cost me £1800. My car is a 1993-4 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2L. It’s worth about a McDonalds…

What pisses me off more so is the fact that I can actually drive. I passed my ‘Pass Plus’ today, and have had a clean license thus far. Everyone I know who drives (including the women, whose insurance only costs them £800 or so) have had ‘incidents’. Lets see, I know a girl who’s crashed twice already (into lorries… HELLO?), one of my female friends failed her test (I passed first time), one of my other mates crashed his car the other day and, oh, my other mate got done by the police for doing hand brake turns in a car park. What have I done? Nothing. And it seems I’m paying the brunt of it.

The reason car insurance is so expensive for teenage males is because we have the highest crash rates. This maybe so, but I think car insureres should take on individual cases here (come on, you owe that much). We should be able to prove to the insureres we can drive, and ‘Pass Plus’ will help towards this. But its nothing short of £90 off (used to be up to 30%).

Anyways, I’m a bit edgy today because of this, so, if you’re female, fucking good to be you… I just hope you can drive.

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