Corn snake

Is a good starter pet for snake lovers apparently. I wouldn’t call myself a snake lover, but I am becoming increasingly fond of them. I visited the local pet store to ‘check one out’. They’re incredibly small at a young age, and for £120, I can have me a snake, the cage, and enough pinkies (frozen dead mice (yumm)) for 3 months. That ain’t half bad considering the dog cost £500 or, a $1000. Here’s some pictures.

Corn snake

Baby corn snake

Another corn snake

Got back from Eastborne today. Some friends and I camped out for a couple of days to soak up the sun (clouds) and hang out. We saw Hellboy 2 and Get Smart at the cinema. I thought they were both only ‘average’ films. Get Smart had its funny bits, but it also had dry spots. We went laser qwazering as well (or however you say it) which was all well and good but they had this wtf I’m flashing lights problem which made sneaking around more difficult in the darkly lit battleground we played in. All in all, a good week, but, school starts on Wednesday god damn.

P.S. Thanks to all who have signed up for closed-beta so far. There is still room for more, so if you’re interested in beta testing spill.it head over there now and sign up. Maybe I’ll see you there!


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