Hay rascal999.co.u…what?!?

Yes I’ve changed the theme to awesomeness. This totally awesome theme full of awesomeness was inspired by the total lameness of the previous theme this blog had. All the ness in this post (and subsequent blog) came from the awesome film, Kung Fu Pander (which was awesome), and my great time in Switzerland (hi Muri :D).

The Swiss way of life is totally the way forward for me. It was the little things over the 5 day period my sis and I were over there that accounted for the inevitable awesomeness rating of the trip. First off, they had an automatic lawnmower (that did it for me). Second, they had this thing called erh, wait, umm, sunshine yeah (non-existent in Britain). They also have much friendlier people out there. For example, when you get off the train, everyone wanting to get on the train waits for you to get off first. It doesn’t sound like much, but when you compare it to the bundle operation we British have on public transport, it counts for something.

It’s also much cleaner out there. The aftermath of the Street Parade (pictures of our costumes to come ;) was almost comparable to London.

We had a few random encounters on our trip, such as the gay Swiss bloke complaining about the train not leaving on time, and a begger asking for cash, but all was cool overall. Now that I’m skint, I must start work again… it’s all good though, I’m only half way through the summer holidays :)


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