I was going to be cool and all…

By witting a post in Swiss. Then I tried to find a translator. That’s all we’ll say about that.

I’m going to Switzerland on Wednesday for 5 days to meet up with a foreign exchange student. To be perfectly honest, I’ll just be tagging along while my sis and this exchange student bitch about what shop they need to visit next to buy yet more clothes (for which, I’ll be the carrier off). Na, it shouldn’t be that bad, but still, I’ll keep an enthusiastic face.

I did a Sunday lunch shift on the washing up front yesterday. Fuck me, they should have warned me. I remember looking back and saying to myself, £30, here we come, all chuffed like. Then when it actually came around to it, I considered asking for a raise (na, I didn’t really). Sunday lunch is Sunday roast. You know what that means kids? Yes, Uncle R. had to wash up all the greasy, hard hit roast potato pots and pans which, may I remind you, are industrial sized bath tubs with a bottomless ends with a rock face. At the end of the shift I was laughing, you know, crazy laughing. One of the chefs (gay (lesbian (omfg awesome (girlfriend was working same shift (they kissed in front of me (I asked them to do it again but they called me pervert)))))) said that someone should have warned me, but noooooooo. Whatever, I got over it, Sunday is pay day. Which brings me onto the Dark Knight.

Damn, what was that about? 2 hours and 50 minutes of my time spent in that cinema, trying to figure out, well, the point to the entire movie. You see, I think the Dark Knight tried to be ‘too epic’. Yeah, too epic and way too drawn out. For those of you who have seen the movie, they could have totally terminated at the point where (SPOILERS) The Joker got caught the first time and everything seemed hunky dory. That would have been an almost well rounded super hero movie (except for the fact that Batman didn’t do nearly enough fighting at this point). Hooowweevveerrr, they decided to drag the movie on another 1 and half hours and make it seem all cool and what not, but, by the end of it all, I was so dissatisfied with the movie I was almost disappointed. I say almost because, well, even though I didn’t get it, and even though it dragged its little ass on a little too long, I still enjoyed every moment. Batman, you got me at 7.5/10 or 8/12.


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