A couple fucked…

…at the campsite. It was like, 7 in the morning and I was fetching a drink to get over my hangover (that rhymes). The tent was shaking real fast and the woman was groaning. Being the total pervert I (surprisingly wasn’t) was, I walked away (fast) in light disgust as I puked up again from the Vodka overdose the previous night.

Alton Towers was fun, we went on Air, Nemesis, The Blade, Oblivion, Enterprise, The Rapids (not real name), Submission, Corkscrew and possibly others during our visit. The best ride was either Air or Oblivion, with Oblivion giving the most ‘thrill’. I must say however, Stealth at Thorpe Park is still the scariest, fastest and most intense ride I’ve been on. Nothing as of yet beats it (not even Oblivion) and I’ll be damned if anything other than a bungee jump will.

I was thinking what ride I would build given the choice. I’d make it like Stealth, but it would launch upwards, then you’d come back down and do a loop backwards, then forwards again, and stop. That would do me (and most people in the park).

The most comfortable ride was Air. Due to the fact that you’re parallel against the tracks, I think forced the designers to build in that extra comfort. The seats are made so that you have two sorta bars going against you. A solid bar (for holding onto), and a more flimsy, seat-belt like bar on either side of your chest for the varying torso sizes. (I am not a woman, therefore do not know the extent of damage inflicted on the breasts during this ride :)

The crappest ride was Corkscrew, being 325 years old you can’t blame it for the discomfort (head bashing) and dodgy jolts along the track. Still, it was a good theme park. The best in Britain.

For anyone who goes on Nemesis in the single rider’s queue, check out the bottom red hole in the creature, I left a bottle in there :)


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