A kid dumped in the pool

So that is why I post here at the Internet cafe. Yes I am having a great time, and no, I’m not missing home. The weather here is in the 40s and the food is amazing. We went mud bathing yesterday, apparently it’s meant to cleanse the skin, not sure how that works. We also went swimming in the lake (which was warmer than the pool) which was awesome. We haven’t had bad weather yet, but it’s clouding over today.

For anyone who’s coming to visit Pegasos (Holiday Village) I’ve left something for you. If you ever come here, go to the pool between the bridge and the first flumey thing (you’ll know what I’m talking about). On the second vertical beam on the bridge, there is a token wedged in the wood. You won’t be able to get it using fingers, so get something long and sharp. Take a picture of it and send it to my email. Good luck ;)

I’ll be back Monday when I’ll post again moaning how shit England is, but until then, hoşça kalın!

(Will add links later, running out of cafe time)


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