Redsave.com, you cunt.

So if you’ve ever purchased something from Redsave.com, go check your statements and make sure they’re not charging you $40 per month to use their super-duper membership service! Now you can get charged more than 2 months WoW subscription per month! Redsave.com, you are cunts….

Terms and conditions apply, be sure to opt out of the following:

The Redsave.com Pass monthly fee (‘the Monthly Subscription Fee’) is £19.95 per month. We reserve the right to change the fee at anytime by notifying You by e-mail or by post or by telephone or by fax 28 days prior to the change. The Monthly Subscription Fee will be charged to You at the time of Your first purchase, or, if in accordance with section 35 below You are eligible for Our 30 Day Free Trial (as defined in section 35 below), on the day immediately after Your 30 Day Free Trial ends. This charge will continue to be levied on each renewal date monthly thereafter unless and until You cancel in accordance with section 30 above, and regardless of how much You use the service. All fees and charges are non-refundable. If You wish to use a different payment method, or if there is a change in Your card validity or expiry date, You may edit payment details by contacting us. We reserve the right to alter the exact day of the month on which You are billed at any time as long as only one monthly payment is taken each calendar month.


One response

  1. I have to say your tutorials are really great! on You tube Could you set up a Tutorial on how to allow users to intially set up an account, to set up Passwords and Usernames to slot into the MySQL Database,

    Do you recommend any other tutorials or books sites etc

    PS: Keep Up the Good Work Mate


    20 June, 2008 at 8:38 am

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