No talking please. . .

I’m contemplating doing this in a couple weeks time, it would be an interesting experiment. I can see it swinging two ways, it’ll either leave me without any friends by the end of the week :D or, I would have learned something about myself and other people. I’m not on the wagon yet, but I’m definitely heading that way…

Someone cracked my serial program today, argh. Congratulations to jB_, who came up with a valid serial. I thought he brute-forced it at first, but upon investigation, he had gone through the trouble of making a keygen (in C), claiming he wanted the ‘challenge’ (writing one in FreeBASIC would have been much easier), so yeah. My encryption program still holds strong, although this is also under fire by ‘jB_’ and I suspect, other crackers…

I need a job. My sister and my mum both have a job (they’re working tomorrow), but, I guess, all brilliant people boom last, aye?


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