I’ve spent the last couple days making some crackme programs for you guys to have a ‘crack’ at. Basically, what you gotta do, is crack the programs I’ve put together. You have a choice between two programs.

1. An encryption program – You’re provided with two files. The encrypt/decryption program I’ve used to make the second file, the crackme file. Using anything you want (I recommend the encryption program), you must decrypt the message and follow the instructions. Its been up 3 days now and remains an unsolved crackme :D

To be honest, I don’t expect it to be decrypted successfully. The concept of encrypting is easy, but the only way you can really decrypt the message is by brute-force. Prove me wrong.

2. Guess the serial program – One file, the serial program. Find a valid serial using anything you want. Your solution must include a valid serial. This one is also difficult, but a bit of luck (or some brute-forcing) will get you a valid serial. Easier than the encryption program.

So there you have it. If you got some free time, challenge me. Defeat either of these programs and you shall be worthy of a post dedicated to yours truly. Good luck.

Both programs are available under Linux and Windows (I compiled under wine ;)

You can download them here.


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