Guess where I saw this?


WoW works surprisingly smoothly on Linux through Wine. So well in fact, I decided to resubscribe after like 6 months of inactivity. I only really started thinking about WoW the other day. I don’t know why, perhaps Blizzard have a long lasting advertising injection scheme whereby they melt your brains and… well, thats what I think.

My car failed its M.O.T today, meaning I don’t have a car atm. Apparantly the brake cables were about to snap so it could have been quite dangerous yadee yadee yaa. All in all its gonna cost me £330… That’s the how much the fucking car is worth, great. I feel so hard done by… But then I must remember, at least I’ve got a car eh :D

Oh here’s a picture of my new computer up in my bunk bed.

So now if I don’t want to get out of bed, but want to Digg, I can! Why? Urh, because I can.


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