Guess where I’m writting from…

You guessed wrong! I’m using the new, slick, Ubuntu Windows… OH SHIT? I meant Linux. Damn, this is visually the sleekest OS I’ve ever used. I’m currently downloading Warsow to take for a spin later. So all is smooth. Here’s a screenshot to prove my (semi) switch.

It’s pretty awesome now I’ve got a dual-boot system going. It has like, 3-4 options to boot into Ubuntu, and then there’s that little piss for an excuse XP. I tried booting the title above XP namely, ‘Other Operating Systems…’, but that didn’t work. I like how my computer categorised XP as an ‘other’ OS. *Pats computer*

What I decided to do was rip out the hard disk in my ‘retired’ Linux box and bang it in this computer. I then formatted it and installed Windows. Then with the other two hard disks (80GB, 125GB), I made the smaller a backup disk for both OS’s, and the 125GB the / for Linux, and ‘where stuff goes’ for Windows. My 125GB will be the most important hard disk I think. My backup disk should deal with it though…

I don’t want to boot back into Windows; I’ll be so disappointed when I see it again. I just love the visuals in Ubuntu, the whole move the window and it stretches around thing, really does it for me. Anyway must be off, I’ve had some ideas about some PHP tutorials, so maybe, just maybe…

UPDATE: One thing I hate about Linux (well, OpenOffice) is its distinct lack of grammar check. It has a spell check, but this isn’t enough for me. I’ll be scanning this post tomorrow through M$ W0rd.


One response

  1. you could try mepis

    its a ok version of linux

    17 May, 2008 at 7:47 pm

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