Fuck me, I’m famous.

That put a massive grin on my face. Was hanging out in ##linux on Freenode asking about doing ‘The Switch’ (more to come), when suddenly, a random comes out with:

rascal999: are you the same rascal999 with the youtube php videos?

I threw him a smilie and he thanked me for helping him. I dunno, that was the first time I had been recognised in ‘the wild’, was chuffed ;)

Anyway, in ‘main’ news, I’m thinking about doing the switch from Windows to Linux. Obviously, I’m not flogging Windows in favor of Linux, but I wanna at least download Ubuntu and install it to a partition (at 20% now). Hopefully I’ll get a dual boot system going. What pushed me over the edge you wonder? It all started about two weeks ago.

My computer wouldn’t go into standby when I clicked ‘Standby’ in the ‘Turn Off Computer’ options. Instead, it would, for a better word, shut itself down and boot to POST screen when I hit the keyboard some 30 seconds after it had decided to bugger off to sleep. What’s interesting is the fact that I could only get the computer going again if I hit the keyboard, the power button didn’t work (even after disconnecting the power). Anyway, eventually I narrowed the problem down to some hardware playing up (so really, I didn’t narrow it down), and the only solution I had was to set S1 in the power options under BIOS. This lets me standby, but keeps the fans running, so it’s a tad pointless.

I don’t really use my computer for gaming. I’m finding myself increasingly remoting into my Linux craptop and doing stuff in that. If I installed Ubuntu, I’d probably end up using it more and more. The only problem is I can’t play iTunes songs and Steam doesn’t work *well* in it…

I could blabber on, but this entry is long enough, later…


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