Java, you sexy beast

I’ve been looking at le’old Java today, very nice. Its a lot like PHP, without the weird dollar signs and unnecessary semi-colons. No, I’m not dissin’ PHP, but, lets be honest, even PHP has its limits.

I went through ‘Language Basics’ on the official site, it only took me an evening, not difficult. My aim in Java is to make a game eventually, but I won’t be doing that in the next two weeks (I don’t think), so I aim to get a chat program working. Obviously I shall provide linkage to the awesome coming of Rascal999’s Java Chat program, but I still need to get onto the GUI aspect of Java, so you’ll have to wait.

I haven’t made progress on the tutorials, sorry folks. I was too busy doing Java (sleeping) and using the computer for other things (gaming). I will do it in this holiday, I hope. And you’ll love it so stop panicking.


One response

  1. federico Echeverria

    Hello. i try to make my script but dosnt work whats wrong in my script??:


    23 April, 2008 at 11:44 pm

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