123-reg and …a new video? :O

My DNS host has decided to ‘take a breather’ for a couple days so that’s, go fuck yourselves fucking great. The servers decided to take a holiday I’m guessing. I’m sick and tired of shit companies like 123-reg hosting their shit off their bottom-of-the-range PDAs over 3G while they’re laughing at those buying it cheap. You get what you pay for. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR? Right now, fucktard, I’m not getting anything so fuck you.

My website went down for however long the other day (believe it or not, it wasn’t 123-reg), so I was running round like a headless chicken trying to get the problem fixed. I assumed IE6 was having me on again, y’know, playing a game with ‘The page cannot be displayed’ fiasco, but no, even Micro$oft got this right. So kids, maybe one day this message will reach you, when English is no longer a language and the Internet was yester-century, who knows? 123-reg… Well, maybe I mean they probably don’t they’re ‘updating their databases’ so that could take a few days/weeks/months/years/decades/centuries/millenniums?

I’ve been working on another tutorial. This one covers the use of XAMPP and MySQL, hurray. It comes it two parts (I’ve finished the first), hopefully it’ll ship tomorrow (you’ll be lucky to get it this holiday (two weeks)), so heads up on that.


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