Neg on teh 2.5

Sourced from a very reliable friend of mine, don’t get 2.5 ladies and gentlemen, its crap.

This is the last week of term ’til 2 weeks off. This should give me time to press on with the ‘secret’ project. I’ve been busy this week finalizing the term, so haven’t got much done anywhere :S

I downloaded this totally epic game today. It’s like a cartoon-based FPS and is fast as hell. It runs on the shitty computers at my school, so it should run on your Pentium 4 typewriter.

In slightly depressing news, I keep getting fucking requests from fucking php start outs who want me to suck there balls. Seriously, I am NOT willing to help you set up a site/project/online score system/ur mum. Besides, someone got there first. Don’t ask, and I won’t hate you :)


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