IRC bots

The lamest thing I’ve ever tried to accomplish. I tried coding an IRC bot in Python and PHP, both of which failed under the same problem; lack of response. I also (for the first time in 33 days) had to restart my Linux box (twice) due to the sheer shitness of the PHP script (in my defense, the concept wasn’t mine).

I’m beginning to think it’s my internet connection or something. I installed ircd and it worked fine (locally). I also managed to connect to a not very well known IRC network and that was fine… for a while. If anyone has any answers, please, don’t fucking hesitate.

I need to start focusing on my top secret project which is by far more important and could potentially get me some money. It won’t be fit for release for a few months yet, so don’t get your hopes up. Something I didn’t realize which was quite amusing to find out was the fact that I had signed a contract legally obligating me to finish what I started, so to speak. I’ll get back to that seriously when I go back to school. Gah, the things we sign up for!

I really pissed me mum and sis off yesterday. I kinda took this mini universal remote from an IT technician at my school and used it on the TV here. The weather was on at the time and they got real pissed as they turned it on again and it said, “…and that concludes the weather forecast, have a nice day.” Oh well, it’s not a bad gadget for a quid.

Saw a portion of Toy Story 2 the other day. This inclined me to search for Toy Story 2+1 on Google, and, sure enough, there it was. Apparently it had been cancelled and recalled, but hay, whatever, I can’t wait for release :D Toy Story 2 was 1999 would you believe…

I’ve run out of stuff to say, it’s probably because its 3 in the morning and I’ve pretty much lost the will to live, so, goodnight all.


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  1. what is IRC?

    27 March, 2008 at 12:29 am

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