Not even I am flawless.

So rascal999.co.uk doesn’t point to those ads anymore. To be honest, I smelt failure in the idea since I did it. Oh well, back to normal I guess. I’ve setup a PROXY for you guys to use if you need it. Instructions on how to use it if rascal999.selfip.com is blocked is also detailed. Go check it out!

I received an email from one of the guys running 5min.com the other day. He wanted me to sign up to the website and upload my PHP/Flash videos. I’ll do that later (providing I still have the originals on my HD).

Pokémon Diamond is, fun. My Pokémon are like, level 7-14 or something. The thing that annoys me the slightest about it is the fact that my 6 fighting Pokémon include 2 (Abbra and Magikarp) which can be found in the classic blue, read and yellow. I’ve set myself a goal to catch a red (shiny) Gyarados too. The odds of one dropping though are something in the region of 1/8192 or something ridiculous…


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